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Rod Somera graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. He has been working in graphic design for over eleven years at various companies, including internet companies, print shops and magazines. In 2001 he started Rod Somera Design to serve a broader audience and meet their communication needs.

As a graphic designer, Rod has taken client needs and ideas to develop a variety of products that promote an organization, its products, or specific educational messages. Rod has developed logos, brochures, poster presentations, print and web advertisements, and the layout of newsletters, studies and reports, and magazines. He has also utilized his artistic skills and various design programs to develop or modify images that are used in materials.

In 2007 Rod designed Asian Pacific Islander American Health Forum's (APIAHF) “A Book of Hope: Stories of Healing to Honor Asian American and Pacific Islander Cancer Survivors”. “A Book of Hope” is intended to educate the community, raise awareness about cancer survivorship, and the key role family and community has as a support system. This publication was featured on CNN during Asian Heritage Month and also won a National Health Information Award.

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